We are busy playing our own version of reality television while the planet dies, poverty grows, immigrants suffer, and children everywhere wonder why the adults refuse to act like grown-ups.

Not everything is about Trump. Unless we insist that it is.

And yet Trump and the Republican party at large are the ones standing in the way of us making progress on all of these issues. So yes, these issues are about Trump, too.

This is why people pinned all their hopes on the Mueller report. Trump’s actions on the environment, on immigration, on wealth inequality, on health care — they’re disgusting, maddening, infuriating. People looked to Robert Mueller to deliver us from that hellscape, so that we wouldn’t have to wait until 2020 to be freed from it.

The harder he’s attacked, the more audience empathy will be generated. We are human beings, after all, and identify with the protagonist.

I see things a little differently.

The protagonist of this story is not Trump, but America herself. Trump is the one who is attacking her — eroding her institutions, her sense of decency, her hope for the future. He’s grabbed America by the pussy, so to speak.


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