One of the most consistent findings about conspiracy theories is that if you believe one, you likely believe others.

Except for the ones you don’t.

Pop over to the conspiracies subreddit and you’ll find support for all sorts of bugnutty conspiracy theories. But the one that nearly that entire community remains steadfastly skeptical of is the idea that the Trump campaign may have actually colluded with Russia to get help in winning the election.

They’re not willing to entertain that idea at all, though they’re perfectly happy to entertain the idea that the whole thing is a plot by the “Deep State” to take Trump down.

Which, of course, suggests that the entire community has a strong pro-Trump bias, which in turn suggests that the majority of conspiracy theory nutters are right-wing. And that’s not so surprising, given their penchant for believing in things that do not exactly have a grounding in reality, and their disdain for fact-based news.


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