a single person who was a Hillary supporter at first but then switched to Trump upon being exposed to a bit of fake news

For one, you’re framing it the wrong way. I doubt there were many hardened Hillary supporters who switched their votes, you’re right about that. But how many people were there who never intended to vote for Hillary, but would have considering voting for her, had it not been for the prevalence of fake news?

And two, you haven’t indicated what you consider fake news and what you don’t. I could imagine that we both agree that the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory was fake news, but what about something like Benghazi? I think that would qualify. It’s real news in the sense that there were real investigations, but it’s fake news in the sense that those investigations were never anything but political theater designed to hurt her chances in the election. There was never any substance to them.

Also, very few, if any, people are gullible enough to fall for obvious fake news.

I live in the South. You would be very surprised.

And I don’t think I should have to point out that what constitutes obvious fake news is subjective.


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