Frankly, I’m a little perplexed by some of the things you’ve written here.

Translation. I know there are a lot of POC and women candidates so don’t discriminate against me because I’m white.

Is there anything wrong with that?

All he’s doing is asking you to look at his record and compare it to his opponents’. Isn’t that how we should be voting? I’m all for more diversity, but you shouldn’t NOT vote for him just because he’s a white guy.

For the last three years, Bernie has claimed that the White working class hasn’t been heard and that White men have been forgotten by society.

Could I ask for a source on this? Granted, I haven’t followed the man’s candidacy as closely as a lot of people have, but I’m not aware of him specifically going to bat for white men. He’s spoken up for the working class as a whole. That includes people of color and women.

Black people talk too much about racism; women talk too much about sexism; and gays talk too much about discrimination.

I also have to ask where you’re getting this from.

Bernie was ahead of the curve compared to other Democrats when it came to gay rights. He endorsed the Gay Pride Parade way back in the 1980s. He came out in support of gay marriage before Hillary did.

He was active in the Civil Rights Movement back in the 60s. He has come out in support of Black Lives Matter, and has even spoken at one of their rallies.

He also has a 100% record on Planned Parenthood’s scorecard for protecting women’s rights.

It sounds like your gripe with Bernie is that he’s a white man.


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