I agree with Shaunta. It’s all about caloric intake.

I’ve been there.

My weight has been just shy of 300 pounds most of my adult life. But I’ve lost the weight twice, about 100 pounds each time, and kept it off for a year at a time before I started gaining it back.

The sad truth is that you don’t have to be pigging out on junk food every day to get fat. If your metabolic rate is burning 2,000 calories a day but you’re taking in 2,200 calories, you’re gonna gain weight. It doesn’t matter if those calories are pure sugar or if they’re something more healthy. A pound here and a pound there, it’ll add up over time.

Fasting is what works for me. I can’t seem to stop myself from eating late at night, so I try to wait as late in the day as possible before I start eating. It’s easier for me to eat nothing than to eat a little and then stop.


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