I could not agree more.

I saw a segment on the local news a year or so ago about vaccinations. First they interviewed a doctor who instructed viewers, in no uncertain terms, that vaccination is necessary and critical. He was calm and assertive in his disposition, and yet I somehow got the impression that he was frustrated, that he wanted to grab each viewer by the shoulders and shake them, saying, “Listen to me, damn it! I’m a doctor!” Or perhaps that was just me projecting…

From there, they cut to a woman on the street, explaining why she had chosen not to vaccinate her kids. This woman had no credentials. She was not a doctor or a scientist or anything. She was a stay-at-home soccer mom. Which is a fine and noble calling, but it doesn’t give you any authority to speak on the legitimacy of vaccinations.

The local news anchors presented this vaccination issue as if they were two equally valid sides of debate. It was absurd.

Just because you have a disagreement between two people does not mean both sides have equal merit. Compromise is not always the best path forward. Centrism is not always the answer. Sometimes one side is unequivocally right and the other side is unequivocally wrong.

Vaccinations are necessary, climate change is happening, evolution is real, trickle down doesn’t work, and there is no “War on Christmas.”


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