I didn’t mind Thor’s fat jokes, for two reasons:

One, I thought it tied in well with Norse legend. In their downtime, when they weren’t fighting, the Norse gods were always sitting around drinking. We know Thor loves his beer.

And two, though it was played for humor, Thor’s weight gain was a sign of depression. He was really struggling to cope with the loss of his friends and family, and his failure. It hit him hard, and his physical changes reflected that.

The A-Force scene kind of did leave a bad taste in my mouth, too. I agree with you there. I mean, it was absolutely badass and I loved it, but it kind of felt like they were using that one scene to make up for 20 movies worth of female characters being underrepresented.

I liked Black Widow’s ending. It was a noble ending. I guess you’re right, we could have used more of an epilogue there. I don’t think we necessarily needed two funerals, but yeah, they should have sent some memento of Natasha’s off into the lake along with Tony’s “heart.”

The lack of Black Panther characters in this movie makes sense to me — they wanted this movie mostly focused on the original team from the 2012 Avengers movie. So the problem is really the lack of black representation in the early MCU movies. Maybe they even realized that, because Rhodey’s role felt a little expanded based on the previous Avengers movies, but it wasn’t enough.


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