I fall into the “more” category.

Trump is a clear threat to the groups you identify, but not just to them. He’s a threat to us all.

I’m a straight white male, and my family has suffered as a result of Trump’s policies.

My sister is disabled. She has a chronic illness that prevents her from working, but under Trump, her Social Security Income is being threatened. She has a hearing in two weeks to go before a judge.

I’m a student with loans. I go to a small state school, so my loans are not as substantial as most people’s, but nor are they unsubstantial. Trump, together with his Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, is making it more difficult to repay student loans, attempting to eliminate loan forgiveness programs for public service jobs.

His goons at the FCC have killed net neutrality.

The EPA has been gutted.

The CDC’s budget has been slashed.

I could go on, but frankly it’s depressing just thinking about it.


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