I picked this game up on sale a month or so ago. There’s a lot to appreciate about the UI, and you cover that well.

One improvement I wish they’d make, though. You unlock new guns and gun mods by completing certain milestone achievements. And the battle summary at the end of each match conveniently has a tab dedicated to milestone progress. Very helpful.

However, checking your progress outside of that post-battle summary screen is tedious. You have to go into the milestone progress page of your ‘career’ screen. There are 91 different milestones and they’re all just thrown in there together with no way to easily sort through them.

What they need is a way to view that progress from the collection screen. When you open up any trooper or hero page from the collection menu, it just shows you which guns and gun mods are locked and which are unlocked. They need to show your milestone progress on that screen, too. It would make things SO much easier.


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