I remember buying into the media’s narrative that Biden was a goofball and an airhead. That notion for me was dispelled in his October 2012 debate with Paul Ryan.

And I like Bernie, too. My biggest problem with Bernie is that I wish he’d stop calling himself a socialist. I understand the strategy — he’s trying to reclaim the word, I guess, from the FOX News crowd, who have made it synonymous with Communist and Marxist.

But there’s a difference between a Social Democrat and a Democratic Socialist, and while Bernie identifies himself as a Democratic Socialist, I’m not entirely sure he understands what the label means. Because he strikes me as more of a Social Democrat. I say that because the goal of socialism is to dismantle capitalism — but that doesn’t seem to be Bernie’s goal. He supports capitalism, it seems, he just wants it heavily regulated, as do I.

Which is great, for two reasons. One, because most Americans do support capitalism over socialism, and two, because I don’t believe socialism is sustainable.

So I do like both Biden and Sanders, but I don’t think either of them should run. They’re too old. Biden is 76, Sanders is 77. If either of them were to win, they would be pushing 80 by the time they’re sworn into office. That’s just too old.

Elizabeth Warren is probably the potential candidate I like most. But age is a factor there, too. She’s 69. Younger than Trump, but not by much.

I don’t know much about Beto. I’m not from Texas, so I haven’t followed his politics too closely. I don’t necessarily think it’s a knock against him that he lost to Ted Cruz. It is Texas, after all. And as slimy as Ted Cruz is, there is a good number of Republicans who will never vote for anyone with a ‘D’ by their name.


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