a stunning first outing […] followed by two middling entries

I take it that you have a much more favorable opinion of Quantum of Solace than I do. I consider it one of the single most disappointing films I’ve ever seen.

Script problems aside, it’s the visuals I had a problem with. There are some decent shots in the movie, but the problem is that you never get to look at any of them for more than two seconds.

They took the fast-paced editing style from the Bourne movies and then pushed it even further — too far. I counted once and I think the opening car chase has upwards of 120 shots in the space of 90 seconds. That’s too many cuts. It feels less like I’m watching a coherent action sequence and more like I’m watching a slideshow.

Contrasted with Skyfall, which — again, script problems aside — is a gorgeous movie.


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