I’m not sure your conclusion follows.

Yes, our Constitution was written by slave-owning white men, and the rights and protections it guarantees were guaranteed specifically for white land-owning males.

But that doesn’t mean the Constitution itself is a flawed document. It has been amended many times. In its present form, I think it’s pretty good.

It could be better, yes. In light of everything that has happened politically within the last few decades, and especially within the last two years, I could think of several new additions that we would benefit from greatly.

But I’m not in favor of a new constitutional convention, because I don’t trust the current crop of politicians enough to allow them to start making changes to the Constitution.

There was an Esquire article about a year ago about how one of the reasons Republicans are eager to start a constitutional convention is a word that once started the Civil War: secession. No, not of entire states, not this time. Just small portions of them.

A state senator from Nebraska had the idea that they could carve up small slivers of uninhabited state property, get those counties to secede, and then they’ll be their own sovereign nation. Why would they be in favor of such a thing? Because then things like the U.S.’s environmental and commerce regulations — not to mention tax rates — would no longer apply.

I don’t trust these people enough to let them amend the Constitution, much less enough to write a new one from scratch.


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