I’ve read dozens of takes on The Last Jedi, and yours is the only one that’s even close to my own line of thinking.

I agree, that line from Snoke is the most important line in the movie.

And the second most important line is Luke talking about balance, about how you can’t have balance without the dark. That’s a point I’ve been making since the prequels.

My thinking is that when the Force chooses the Chosen One, there’s a free will component involved, and it’s their choices which allow them to succeed or to fail. A lot of people seem to think that Vader finally fulfilled the prophecy when he killed Palpatine.

But what if he actually failed? That would explain why Rey is now being imbued with great power. Because she is the next Chosen One.

Also: What if the reason Vader failed is BECAUSE he killed Palpatine? If you can’t have balance without the dark, then it was killing Palpatine which through the scales out of whack. (Of course, now it seems Palpatine might not be dead!)

It’s starting to seem to me that the only way to achieve balance is if Rey and Kylo declare a true. Or for them to kill each other.


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