Jokes are meant to be funny. When victims and survivors are made to be the butt of a joke, that’s not funny to me.

Unlike most people, I believe in absolute freedom of expression when it comes to comedy. There’s no subject you shouldn’t be allowed to joke about. There’s no subject that can’t be made into a funny joke.

But the joke has to be funny, and the audience is under no obligation to stay in your corner if you’ve failed to make it funny.

For a while, a lot of comedians insisted rape was a subject you couldn’t joke about. Some still believe that. But Louis has made rape jokes in the past — and they were funny.

They were funny because the victim was never the butt of the joke. It was using humor to empower the victim — to say, “Man, how fucked up was that?”

Telling kids to stop whining because their classmates got murdered in front of them? I don’t see the humor there.


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