No, I disagree.

The premise is that Warren is not as well-liked as Sanders is by moderates and conservatives?

Fine. It’s not the premise that makes it interesting or weird. What makes it weird is the question of why that should be.

Biden, O’Rourke, and Buttigieg all seem more moderate than both Warren and Sanders. It would not be interesting or weird to learn that there are moderates who are willing to vote for Biden or O’Rourke, but who are not willing to vote for someone so far to the left as are Warren and Sanders.

But it is perplexing why a moderate would prefer Trump over Warren, if their ideal candidate of choice is Sanders.

Because Warren and Sanders are very close to one another on the political spectrum, and if anything, Sanders is more left than Warren.

In short: what criteria does Sanders have, and which Warren lacks, that makes him appeal to moderates?


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