But do we have a debate? Do people listen to my statements, then make a counterpoint? Not anymore. Trying to have a conversation about politics between the two sides has become futile.

One side is perfectly willing to have the debate, because it’s the side based in facts, reality, logic, and well-reasoned arguments.

The other side’s positions are based on fear, emotion, and empty rhetoric, and so it’s no surprise when their willingness to debate fairly reflects that.

This isn’t a “no one is listening to each other” problem.

This is a one-side-has-abdicated-reality problem.

This is a one-side-doesn’t-even-care-what’s-right-any-more problem, as long as they get to stick it to the other side.

They don’t argue in good faith. They’re only interested in winning, and they’re not above playing dirty to do it. That pattern of behavior extends beyond the way they conduct themselves in policy debate. They don’t care about fair elections. Because winning is all that matters.

I’ve had people tell me that even if Trump is compromised and a puppet of Putin’s, they don’t care, because it’s still better than Hillary.


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