Quoting Barr’s interpretation of the report is worthless.

Before he was even hired as AG — and long before the Mueller report had concluded, and Barr had seen the report — Barr voiced his opinion that Trump had not committed obstruction of justice. (No doubt this is why he was hired in the first place.)

He’d made up his mind before he had even seen the evidence. His reasoning was that it didn’t matter what the report said, because a president cannot legally obstruct justice. In other words, the president has the authority to fire the director of the FBI, so his motives for firing Comey are irrelevant. That is absurd — and the Mueller report agrees.

The Mueller report makes it clear that their investigation did not exonerate Trump of obstruction of justice. They have not filed charges, but the report stresses that this should not be seen as an exoneration.

The report states that Trump on more than one occasion ordered members of his staff to fire Mueller, and that they refused. That right there is obstruction.

“No further charges will be filed.”

The report states that the decision not to file charges was due to a DOJ view that a sitting president cannot be indicted. The appropriate procedure is to pass the baton off to Congress so that they can remove the president by way of impeachment, and once he is no longer in office, then he can be charged.

“Vocal opponents of President Trump are still calling for impeachment…”

The report explicitly states that it would not be improper for Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings on the grounds of obstruction.

“Worse, more voters than ever, on both sides of the aisle, are now convinced that spying did occur…on the Trump campaign.

“Spying” is a strange way to refer to a valid legal investigation.

Is it “spying” when a cop goes undercover to bust a drug ring? I mean, I guess it technically is. But it’s perfectly legal and not at all inappropriate, if there is reason to suspect illegal activity, and in this case there was.

“It is a strategy much like a police car determined to catch a certain driver breaking traffic laws, following them until they inevitably if inadvertently do…”

Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally and inadvertently commit felony obstruction of justice throughout the regular course of your day? Happens to me ALL the time. /s

“[Mueller’s investigation] cost U.S. taxpayers $25,000,000.”

And it paid for itself with asset forfeitures from criminals like Manafort.

“House Democrats want Trump’s tax returns. They don’t have probable cause…”

They don’t need probable cause. The Ways and Means Committee has full authority to request tax returns from the IRS. Anyone’s tax returns, even the president’s.

The president himself promised to release them in the past. He never did. So what is he hiding?


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