In Discovery, [Klingons] are an ugly, dark race hell-bent on war and destruction. Motivated by nothing other than to fight, they seem wholly evil, an enemy worthy of nothing but death.

That shouldn’t be surprising. I believe characters like Worf are the result of Federation influence on the Klingons. I wouldn’t expect to see any characters like that prior to the Klingons joining the Federation. Even if they existed, they would have been shunned (or executed), so they would have had to keep their views hidden.

I guess we’ll have to wait a century or two to see the beauty in their warrior culture and how they value honor and family above all us.

To be honest, I’ve always struggled to see the beauty in Klingon culture.

Even in The Next Generation, the majority of Klingons seem to be not much better than primitive warmongers who just happen to have developed warp technology. Worf is the exception — and even Worf had his problematic moments, where he struggled to integrate his Klingon culture with Federation philosophies.


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