That’s exactly how I read it.

For the record, I don’t necessarily think comics should refrain from joking about gender neutrality, or even about school shootings. I’ve been a fan of stand-up comedy for years, and have long championed freedom of speech in that arena. I don’t think there should be any subject that is out of bounds, no topic that they should be prohibited from joking about.

But the jokes have to be funny.

Louie has joked about taboo topics before. A lot of people will argue that you can’t argue about rape, but Louie has, and the jokes were funny, and not even all that controversial. And it’s pretty easy to understand why — the victims were never the butt of the joke. His jokes in the past have targeted those in power, and uplifted those who aren’t, even if it requires making himself the target of the joke.

But he’s not doing that here. Here, he’s taking shots at victims and survivors.

These don’t even seem like jokes.

They just sound like whining.


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