The LARPing sounds a little cringe-inducing to me, but it is far from being my biggest concern.

My biggest concern, after reading reviews from fans and an article written by someone who supposedly had an inside source (they knew a Galaxy’s Edge cast member) is that, true to the name “Black Spire trading outpost,” Galaxy’s Edge is nothing but a giant Star Wars themed shopping mall.

There’s one ride. The Millennium Falcon.

There’s the lightsaber-building experience — if you choose to pay extra for it. And a droid-building lab, too.

Everything else is just shopping.

And I might like the idea of a Star Wars themed shopping mall if the cost to get in the door wasn’t so outrageous. Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • $150 per ticket per day just to get in (cheaper if you opt for a multi-day pass).
  • $200 minimum (more for certain other options) if you want to do the lightsaber building experience (you do at least get to keep the lightsaber).
  • $100 minimum for the droid-building lab (and the droid).

And since there’s not much to do besides shopping, you’ll be encouraged to spend even more of your money on various other things, and here’s how some of these are priced:

  • $40 t-shirts
  • $100 Jedi robes
  • $45 for a plush Porg (compared to $15 on Amazon)
  • $42 for alcoholic cocktails w/ souvenir mug
  • $32 for non-alcoholic “mock”tails w/ souvenir mug
  • $75 beer sampler (four beers w/ souvenir board)

Maybe I’m just a poor frugal bastard, but these prices all seem kind of outrageous to me.


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