Democrats prioritize social issues and the betterment of the economic situation for average Americans. It’s a just cause, one that’s near and dear to my heart. Despite this, there is a sense of fiscal irresponsibility that is palpable.

There is just as much fiscal irresponsibility on the other side. The difference is that, where Democrats are willing to raise the federal deficit in the name of helping people, Republicans prefer to raise the deficit just so they can make the rich even richer.

There was a time, maybe ten years ago, when I bought into this idea that there were valid reasons for supporting either party. Liberals had the right ideas on social issues, but conservatives had the right ideas on economic issues. That’s the position that a lot of my friends staked out, and because they were more knowledgeable about politics than I was at the time, I was willing to concede to them that maybe they knew more about it than I did.

But the more I began to pay attention, the more I began to realize the myth that the Republican party is fiscally conservative is just that — a myth.

In fact, let me walk back my opening statement. There is not just as much fiscal irresponsibility on both sides. Republicans are worse. At the current rate and with current projections, “Trump will add as much debt in four years during a time of economic prosperity, as Obama did in eight years while fighting a recession.”

The people of the United States must forfeit their desire to align themselves with a specific party and allow themselves the opportunity to exercise the right to pick and choose the issues that matter most to them.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. You should not be able to guess what a person’s views on gun control are just because you know their views on abortion. But in America, you could guess that very easily, and be correct most of the time.

I abhor identity politics, and under no circumstances should you support a particular stance on an issue just because that’s your party’s stance. You should work through the issues yourself, and figure out where you stand.

Now, with all of that said, lately I truly do struggle to think of a single issue where the Republicans have the more sensible opinion. The closest one would probably be that I do support the right to gun ownership for home protection, but that belief is not at odds with the Democrat position, even though Republicans will tell you it is.

As a self-avowed centrist, perhaps you can offer some enlightenment there. What are some issues where you agree more with Republicans than Democrats?


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