They’ll definitely try to keep selling digital goods at the same price point, but I don’t have much of a problem with that. I don’t think that they’re try raising the prices over $60, which I would have a problem with.

My biggest issue is that when you go digital, you don’t actually own any of your games. You just own a license to them, which the company can revoke at their discretion.

On the PS4 subreddit, at least once a week I see a post from someone whose account has been hacked, and they’ve been billed for hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars for games they didn’t order themselves. Sony isn’t always willing to issue refunds for these incidents, and if you get your bank or credit card company to issue a chargeback, Sony will permanently ban your account. You lose access to your entire digital library.

That prospect is a little scary, even if I’ve taken all the recommended precautions to secure my account.


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