The Dark Tower is the black sheep of the Stephen King cinema squad, and deserves a second chance at a first impression.

This is a statement I can only agree with in the sense that I am completely open to a reboot.

It can even be a soft reboot. The movie does have some things going for it. I liked the cast. I started re-reading the series a few months before the movie released, and this time I pictured Idris Elba as Roland in my mind. And now I think he’s just about the perfect choice — or rather, I can’t think of any other modern actors who are better suited for the role.

I also loved the idea that it was going to be a sequel to the series rather than a straight adaptation.

And… well, that’s about it. Everything else about the movie was a hot mess. I’m not sure why I expected anything less from Sony.

The film sits at 16% on Rotten Tomatoes, and its limp box office performance means any planned sequels and TV spinoffs are likely dead on arrival.

Actually, Amazon already has a TV series in the works that will adapt Wizard & Glass. Which I guess will make it a prequel, since that book is mostly flashbacks of young Roland.

Supposedly they start filming in a few months.


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