That said, I don’t know if I actually want or need a movie about the Joker, especially if it’s about how he came to be.

This was my concern as well, but it wasn’t a major concern, because this is an Elseworld story. This is not the definitive story of how the Joker became the Joker. This is the story of how one version of the Joker became the Joker for his world, in this one alternate timeline. That’s a movie I’m much more willing to see than I would be if it was a Joker movie tied to the current DCEU canon. And not just because the DCEU canon is a mess, but because I don’t think the canon Joker needs an origin.

I hope this is a trend that WB sticks with, if the movie is successful. Recently I’ve found the Elseworlds stories much more fascinating than the main canon Batman stories. Sean Murphy’s Batman: White Knight was a great read,


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