I believed myself to be inherently good, I believed objective truth is impossible, and I believed my ultimate goal in life was to be comfy and happy.

If you’re honest with yourself, how many of those beliefs do you also hold?

Two out of three.

I also reject moral relativism, but I’m still holding firm on the other two points. I’d be curious to hear why you’re not.

Logically, relativism, saying “there is no objective truth”, is self-defeating. If relativism is not true, then a statement like “good and evil is relative for everyone” is not true. You probably buy that, right?

No, because there are different types of relativism. When people talk about good and evil, they’re talking about moral relativism.

But there’s no contradiction in subscribing to one type of relativism and not all others. You could believe that there are objective scientific and logical truths, and still believe in moral relativism.


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