… you may feel like the Zack Morris of your industry, but you’re actually Mr. Belding.

Well, I don’t know about that.

Go back and watch Saved by the Bell as a modern adult and it’s pretty clear that Zack Morris is a huge creep.

If you’ve ever wondered what Brett Kavanaugh was like as a high school student, he was probably a lot like Zack.

There’s even an entire Funny or Die Youtube series about it: Zack Morris is Trash!

With episodes like:

The Time Zack Morris Sold Swimsuit Photos of Underage Girls.”

The Time Zack Morris Dumped His Girlfriend to Harass the School Nurse.”

The Time Zack Morris Used Subliminal Messages to Brainwash Girls into Sex.”

Zack Morris is the poster boy for sexual predators, and if he were a real person rather than a fictional character, he would be going through his own personal ‘MeToo’ crisis right about now. Assuming he wasn’t already in prison convicted of rape.


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