What I’ve noticed about nearly every libertarian I’ve engaged with is that they are either naively optimistic about human nature, or they are callously aware that their policies would leave certain people out in the cold, and they just don’t give a shit.

They say regulations aren’t necessary, because the free market will eliminate bad actors. But this assumes people care more about protecting the environment or ethical labor practices than they do about other things like price or brand loyalty.

That seems naive to me, and at direct odds with the available evidence. How many people do you know who own a Fairphone? That company is not even close to being a major competitor with Apple or Samsung or Google.

Their minimum wage argument, as far as I can tell, basically just boils down to, “Some people’s time and energy just isn’t worth $7 an hour.”

Which is… kind of monstrous.

Getting rid of regulations and then allowing the market to dictate people’s worth is how we get children working 60 hours a week for 75 cents an hour.

Until those details can be offered, I see as much reason to believe in their ideas as Russiagate.

Completely off-topic, but could you elaborate on what you mean by “Russiagate” and why it’s so preposterous?


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