When I got home earlier today, there was a guy in our driveway. He introduced himself, said he’d be doing some work at a property he was leasing next door, and was wondering if it would be a problem if he crossed over into our yard while unloading his tractor — he wasn’t sure if he’d have room to unload otherwise. I assured him it was fine, we talked for a few more minutes and it turned out he knew some of the same people as my dad, he thanked me, and that was the end of it. It was a very pleasant, friendly interaction.

Twenty minutes later, my dad gets home. My very Christian dad. I tell him he might want to go over and introduce himself to the guy. Dad says, “Why would I want to do that?” I tell him about the guy’s ask, and he says, “He better keep his crap off my lawn.” When I tell him I already said it was okay, Dad says, “Well, if he messes up the grass, he’s paying me for it.”

I’ve always thought of my father as a friendly, sociable guy. But today — literally today, not three hours ago — was the first time I realized just how much of an asshole he can be to complete strangers. So much for loving they neighbor.

Anyway. Not that I’m usually one for shameless self-promotion, but your interaction with the two missionaries reminds me of an experience I wrote about earlier this year.


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